CLASS U – Children’s Show

1. No membership fee required
2. Work to be done at level of pupil’s June grade and must be pupil’s own work. Exhibitors may enter exhibits above current grade.

PRIZES: $5 $3 ❸ $2


1. Crayon Drawing – Trace your hand and colour
2. Cutting and Pasting – A paper kite decorated with shapes.
3. Animal Puppet – made from a paper bag.
4. Write your numbers, 1-10
5. Painting of your favourite flower

Grade One

6. Crayon Picture – A person who works in my community accompanied by a sentence about the person.
7. Painting – Finger paint a tractor.
8. A Mask – made from a paper plate.
9. Picked By Me – wild flowers in a mason jar.
10. A mailbox made out of a tissue box

Grade Two
11. Picture – draw 4 Canadian coins and label with their name and value.
12. Sculpture – A turtle made from the bottom of a 2L bottle.
13. Painting – My favourite animal accompanied by 2 sentences describing why it is your favourite – any media
14. Decorated mini-stick
15. A homemade invitation inviting a friend to the fair

Grade Three

16. Writing – An acrostic poem – PARHAM FAIR
17. Make a bouquet of flowers using plastic spoons as stems.
18. Painting of your favourite sport – any media
19. The Water Cycle – illustrate using any media.
20. A treasure box made from a tissue box, fill with at least 3 “treasures” from nature.

Grade Four

21. A plasticine picture–2D, cardboard base, maximum 30cm x 30cm
22. Writing – A Sensory Poem – At The Fair – I see…I hear… I smell…I taste…I feel…
23. Design and Build – A flag pole using a pulley system (no larger than 30cm)
24. Draw all four seasons of a tree.-fold paper into quarters and draw the same tree throughout the year, label the seasons
25. Make an animal out of a tissue or cereal box, toilet paper and paper towel rolls

Grade Five

26. Design and Make – Wind chimes using recycled material
27. Make an instrument of out recycled objects
28. Write – Finish the poem in 4-8 lines, “Come to the fair”
29. A Rice Krispie creation
30. Drawing – a barn scene

Grade Six

31. Writing – Lyrics to your favourite song
32. Make – Favourite Cookie.(3 cookies, on small plate with recipe attached)
33. Design and Make – An airplane or vehicle using a 2L pop bottle.
34. Art – Your favourite emoji – any media
35. Make a bird’s nest from materials found in nature.

Grade Seven

36.  Homemade piece of Jewelry – any media
37. Writing – Why The Parham Fair Is Important To Me. (minimum of 3 paragraphs)
38. A soap carving using one bar of soap, display in a plastic sandwich bag.
39  A handmade Christmas tree ornament
40. Make – Favourite Fudge, any kind (3 pieces on a small plate with recipe attached)

Grade Eight

41.  Poster – Design a concert poster for your favourite singer or group.- any media including computer generated
42. My Family Tree – Creatively display 4 generations of your family tree-from you to your great-grandparents)
43. Writing – Should students be allowed cell phones in class? (minimum 3 paragraphs)
44. A Fairy Garden in a shoe box
45. Make – Favourite Muffin (3 on a plate with recipe attached)