2020 Parham Fair Update – Covid-19

Parham Agricultural Society


May 22, 2020

Given the current state of emergency in Canada, the Board of Directors of the Parham Agricultural Society (PAS) have carefully considered how this impacts the Fair.

The mandate of the PAS is to support agriculture through education and building community. We will continue to do just that this summer. Last night, it was decided that the Parham Fair for 2020 will proceed as a Virtual Fair. As an Ag society, and as neighbours, we believe in this community, and unanimously felt that it was important to continue this year however we could. The Parham Fair will continue – it’s just going to look (a lot!) different this year. What stays the same is also the most important – supporting our local farmers and neighbours.

As the Parham Fair is the last rural fair in all of Frontenac County, it is especially important for our community to promote and showcase rural living. The annual Fair is a highlight for residents, cottagers and visitors from afar. The rural Frontenac community relies on events such as these for exchanging ideas and best practices, socialising, and fundraising. Many people – youth especially – have been impacted by social distancing guidelines.

Using social media, teleconferencing, and the postal system, the 128th Parham Fair will be running activities throughout the summer. Main events and contest winners will be broadcast during the Fair weekend of August 21-22. Look forward to Pet Shows, Farm Tours, Photography contests, Socially-Distanced Games, Best Cowboy & Cowgirl contest (with *NEW* categories for teens & adults!), and more!!!

Watch local media and our Facebook page for details! Please share any of the Fair links you can, so that as many as people as possible can take part in our events.

The Parham Fair is brought to us each year by a hard working group of volunteers. We are always looking for more help and ideas. Feel free to contact them if you have something you would like to see at the fair, or if you would like to help. We meet regularly throughout the year and all community members are always welcome. Get in touch with us via Facebook or the website.

The Parham Agricultural Society – celebrating community through our agricultural roots.

President – Richard Benn

Vice-President – Haley Rose

2nd Vice-President – Mark Howes

Treasurer – Genevieve Harrison

Secretary – Janet Anderson


Committee Members  – Bhawani, Nancy Benn, Shelley Brooks, Lynn Cronk, Jessie Cronk

Deb Garrett, Franklin Goodfellow, Margo McCullough, Ellen Mortfield




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